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Rules To Smash By

Why would you pay to come to a smash room when you can just smash things for free? Well, the main reason is we provide the clean up. You don't have to worry about the environmental impact for we recycle everything we can once smashed. 

We provide personal protective equipment (PPE) so it lessens the chance of hurting oneself participating in this activity.

We provide a room so it's in a controlled environment and no damage to the great outdoors. 

We provide weapons so you can really get to smashing things with as much force as your body can give.


  • Everyone must sign a waiver before entering Smash Room

  • PPE Must be worn in smash rooms at all times (PPE will be provided)

  • No Throwing items at the Door, side walls, ceiling, camera or each other 

  • No hitting Door, side walls, ceiling, camera or others with Weapons 

  • No Smoking or Alcohol

PPE (Mandatory Wear)

  • Coveralls

  • Closed toed shoes 

  • Cut resistant gloves 

  • Face Sheilds/ Safety Glasses

  • Optional offerings

  • Ear Plugs

  • Helmets

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